A home-defense seminar at this weekend's National Rifle Association convention urged parents to overcome their initial misgivings and store firearms in their childrens' bedrooms, Think Progress reported on Saturday.

"If you're worried that your kid is going to try to break into the safe that is in their bedroom with a gun in it, you have bigger problems than home defense," said speaker Rob Pincus, a former police officer who know heads up his own firearms instruction company, I.C.E. Training. "If you think that the kid who’s going to try to break into the safe because it's in their room isn't sneaking into your room to try to break into stuff, you’re naive and you have bigger problems than this."

If a parent is "in the middle of the house" when their home alarm goes off overnight, Pincus said, and they are going to head for their childrens' room to defend against an intruder, it made sense to stash a gun in their closet.

"There's absolutely nothing wrong with staging the gun where you're most likely to barricade [yourself]," Pincus said. "If you have to have to run across the house to check on the kids, there's no reason to take them out of the bathroom and move them to some other room when the bad guy might be wandering around your house."

As Think Progress reported, a study of 30,000 child deaths involving accidental shootings by the Center for Disease Control showed children between the ages of 5 and 14 years of age were 13 times more likely to be killed in the four U.S. states with the highest gun ownership numbers than the four with the lowest totals.

Watch video, posted by Think Progress on Saturday, below.