Angie Gregg, the daughter of Ariel Castro, the man accused of abducting, imprisoning, torturing and sexually assaulting three women in a Cleveland house, said that she is "horrified" and "disgusted" by her father's secret life.

"He is dead to me," she told CNN.

Gregg said that knowing what she knows now, many aspects of her father's strange behavior are clear to her, his obsessiveness about keeping his house locked tight and unexplained absences during family gatherings.

"Everything's making sense now, it's all adding up," Gregg said. "And I'm disgusted, I'm horrified."

She told CNN that she never saw any signs that a 6-year-old was living in the house, but that Castro had showed her photos of the baby he sired by force with prisoner Amanda Berry. Gregg said that her father said the child belonged to his "girlfriend," but that the father was another man.

"I figured at the most he had an illegitimate child out there, you know, and I would find out eventually," she said.

Gregg said that when her mother lived in Castro's house, she had seen small signs that something was amiss, but that none of it added up until now. The man she saw as a "friendly, caring, doting man" is actually "the most evil, vile, demonic criminal."

"There will be no visits. There will be no phone calls," she said. "He can never be 'Daddy' again. I have no sympathy for the man."

Gregg's mother, Grimilda Figueroa, was married to Castro for years, but he would beat her in jealous rages. Finally, after one particularly brutal assault, Figueroa left and took her children with her.

Gregg said her mother died in 2012 after a battle with brain cancer, and that she still cries for her mother.

Her father, however, "I don't cry for him," she said.

Watch the video, embedded below via CNN: