Television preacher Pat Robertson warned viewers of his "700 Club" program on Thursday not to listen to "false prophets" that have a "poor track record" and "shoot their mouth off."

The CBN host was responding to a question from co-host Terry Meeuwsen, about how to identify "false prophets." He replied: "By their fruits you shall know them. I mean, what's their track record? That's the way you tell. If they shoot their mouth off."

He went on to project that image onto "a guy" who has "TV time" and "trouble with his wife," saying one must ask: "What is the fruit out of which this stuff's coming? What kind of soil is it coming from?"

"You can dominate somebody that way," he suddenly deadpanned. "'I've heard from the Lord, I have a message for you. Do this.'"

The words are almost astonishing coming from Robertson, whose litany of wrong predictions has long been part of the pop culture mockery of his media appearances.

Late night talk host Jimmy Kimmel used some of those same words in 2007 -- saying Robertson has a "poor track record" -- in a segment that tee'd off about the television preacher's prediction of a "mass killing" involving "millions" of deaths in the U.S. sometime before the next year's presidential election.

Kimmel joked that Robertson has made so many wrong predictions he's had to do some "damage control," then rehashed a half-dozen of his other faulty foretellings in a faux campaign-style ad that concludes: "God is a liar."

Robertson most recently failed to predict the 2012 presidential election, having announced a week before the election that God told him Mitt Romney would win and go on to lead the nation for two terms, growing the economy by "trillions of dollars."

The one-time Republican challenger to President Ronald Reagan is also certain that the apocalypse will be just around the corner if America legalizes same sex marriage.

This video is from "The 700 Club," aired Thursday, May 9, 2013, snipped by Right Wing Watch.

This video is from "The 700 Club," aired Oct. 31, 2013.

This video is from a 2007 episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live," published to YouTube on March 9, 2008.