I don't fully understand why lame-ass Republican politicians have suddenly decided they need to pretend to be big fans of hip-hop that came out 20 years ago to prove they're cool, but here we are. Gawker reports on the latest "I'm hip because in college I heard a rap song at a frat party" Republican politician, Trey Radel, and it's pretty amazing how hard he struggles to try to sound like he knows what he's talking about.

The money quote:

The first [song that represents my views on Washington] that I would have to refer to would be 'Fight the Power,' by Public Enemy. This is a song that... if you really get down to it, reflects the conservative message of having a heavy handed federal government... Chuck D of Public Enemy and I may disagree on certain philosophies of government, but I think at the end of the day— and this is where I take my love of hip hop music— where there have been issues and problems with either heavy handed law enforcement... or heavy handed government itself.

Yeah, Public Enemy! Definitely Republicans. That's the ticket. There are so many lyrics in "Fight The Power" that reflect the Republican message so thoroughly, no wonder he had a hard time naming on specifically. So I thought I'd offer a selection, so you guys can vote on which one you think is the most evocative of modern Republican politics.

Which lyric from "Fight The Power" most represents the Republican message?
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Share other hip-lyrics that you feel future Republican politicians should quote to show how much their favorite rappers are really conservatives at heart.