Speaking to conspiracy radio host Alex Jones on Sunday, BBC host Andrew Neil exclaimed at the end of their talk, "You are the worst person I have ever interviewed," as Jones attempted to promote his website and repeatedly shouted, "Liberty is rising!"

The libertarian conspiracy theorist was invited on BBC One's "Sunday Politics" to discuss the ongoing Bilderberg conference, a closed-door meeting of industrialists and political leaders being held this year in Hertfordshire.

To anyone familiar with Jones's previous work in television, what transpired was closely reminiscent of his talk with CNN host Piers Morgan: a shouting match that featured Jones ranting about monstrous conspiracy theories, only stopping to occasionally plug his website.

“Bilderberg is heavily involved in the EU plan and helped hatched it and it is a Nazi plan," Jones insisted during the program, drawing astonished looks from Neil and his guest, journalist David Aaronovitch.

"It leaves me with a huge question, Alex," Aaronovitch said. "You have uncovered the New World Order, which is deadly, it's full of people who are criminals... who seek to run the world and will kill anybody that gets in their way, and you are almost a lone crusader powering against them. So, how are you still alive?"

Jones responded by saying that he got death threats because he "exposed" Hillary Clinton attending a high-level meeting, and then emphasizing the popularity of his media empire online and how many views his videos get on YouTube. "Ladies and gentlemen, if they kill me they turn me into a martyr," he insisted. "It puts a big exclamation point on the end of everything I've said."

When Aaronovitch tried to debunk Jones by mentioning that he believes pharmaceutical companies put cancer-causing viruses in vaccines, Jones suddenly boomed: "Hey, listen! I'm here to warn people, you keep telling me to shut up. This isn't a game, okay? Our government, in the U.S., is building FEMA camps. We have an NDAA where they disappear people now. You have this arrest for public safety... life in prison!"

"You are the worst person I have interviewed," Neil deadpanned.

"INFOWARSDOTCOM!" Jones shouted back. "Liberty is rising! Liberty is rising! Freedom will not stop! You will not stop freedom! You will not stop the republic! Humanity is awakening!"

Neil looked at the camera, pointed to his head and spun his index finger in a circle. “We have an idiot on the program today," he said.

This video is from BBC One's "Sunday Politics," aired Sunday, June 9, 2013.