Catholic League President Bill Donohue has called for the church to track down the "nest of homosexual priests" and make sure that they are "rooted out."

Newsmax host Steve Malzberg on Wednesday asked Donohue what Pope Francis meant when he recently admitted that a "gay lobby" was influencing the Vatican.

"Look, it's no secret," Donohue explained. "You've got a nest of priests. You have them in the United States, you have them in seminaries, you have them parishes -- more so in the past than certainly than today."

"A gay lobby means you got a nest of homosexual priests who are covering for each other," he continued. "Are they in the Vatican? I don't know. I wouldn't be surprised if we still have them. We certainly have less of a problem today in 2013 than we had 10, 20 and 30 years ago, but we shouldn't have any of these people acting on their own with their own agenda."

Donohue added that the church "did have a problem with the sexual abuse of minors," but "we don't have that problem today" because " it's very hard now for a practicing homosexual to get into the seminary, which is the way it should be."

"To the extent that there still is a gay lobby -- and there is no doubt that there is one -- still in the Catholic Church, it needs to be rooted out," he insisted.

Watch this video from NewsmaxTV, broadcast June 12, 2013.

(h/t: Good As You)