Fox News strategic analyst Ralph Peters on Monday said that the man behind the biggest leak in the history of the National Security Agency (NSA) deserved to be executed for his crimes.

Peters asserted on Monday's Fox & Friends that no Americans had been hurt by the NSA programs exposed by 29-year-old Edwards Snowden.

"Now you've got this 29-year-old high school dropout whistleblower making foreign policy for our country, our security policy," he told Fox News host Brian Kilmeade. "It's sad, Brian. We've made treason cool. Betraying your country is kind of a fashion statement. He wants to be the national security Kim Kardashian. He cites Bradley Manning as a hero."

"I mean, we need to get very, very serious about treason. And oh by the way, for treason -- as in the case of Bradley Manning or Edwards Snowden -- you bring back the death penalty."

As a Fox News 'strategic analyst,' Peters has a long history of invoking inflammatory rhetoric when discussing national security.

Watch this Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast June 10, 2013.