Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach said he was prepared to use deadly force over the weekend after hundreds "illegal aliens" paid a visit to his home to rally for immigration reform.

According to Sunflower Community Action, about 300 activists traveled to Kobach's home after holding a prayer vigil and and a town hall in Kansas City on the Saturday before Father's Day.

"They went straight to his front door to ask him to stop spreading his hate, and either focus on his job as Secretary of State or step down," Sunflower Community Action reported. "He has long devastated communities and wrought enormous financial costs to many states. A trail of shoes was left on his front steps to symbolize all the fatherless families due to deportations."

Video of the rally showed the large group of loud but peaceful protesters in front of Kobach's home calling for him to come out.

"Kris Kobach, we know you can stand with us, we know you can stand with Kansas people because Kansas people wants family -- wants family unity, we want love," an activist with a bullhorn said. "And we're showing it right now."

Within five minutes, the protesters had made their point and left the property.

Kobach told Fox News radio host Todd Starnes that he and his family had been out of town at the time, but he was "just appalled" because "they don’t have a right to enter someone’s private property and engage in this kind of intimidation."

“If we had been in the home and not been armed, I would have felt very afraid – because it took the police 15 minutes to show up,” he explained. “It’s important we recognize there’s a reason we have the Second Amendment. There are situations like this where you have a mob and you do need to be able to protect yourself.”

“The Second Amendment is the private property owner’s last resort."

Kobach vowed not to let the "illegal aliens" change his mind about opposing comprehensive immigration reform.

“My views are set and I’m determined to do what I can to restore the rule of law,” he insisted. “Let’s obey our laws and not give amnesty to illegal aliens.”

Update (3:30 p.m. ET): Fox News radio host Todd Starnes reported the rally by encouraging his followers on Twitter to "Lock and Load, America."

Watch this video from Sunflower Community Action, broadcast June 15, 2013.

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