Monday night on MSNBC's "The Rachel Maddow Show," host Rachel Maddow detailed a series of State Department sex and drugs scandals which have been simmering for some time but because of recent leaks, may be about to blow wide open.

Maddow began the segment by rehashing the Secret Service scandal from President Barack Obama's visit to Colombia in 2012, involving members of the elite security detail charged with guarding U.S. heads of state. Secret Service operatives got into a squabble with a sex worker at their hotel after a night of drunken carousing.

Now, according to the host, a new chapter is opening regarding misdeeds by State Department personnel. CBS News on Monday reported that it has obtained excerpts from a draft of an Inspector General inquiry into another incident involving, as Maddow said, "hookers on foreign soil."

This time, however, rather than Obama's Secret Service detail getting into trouble abroad, it was the security detail charged with protecting then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The report called the problem of U.S. foreign service employees hiring sex workers while abroad "endemic" and cited eight different incidents that warranted investigation.

"But wait," said Maddow, "there's more."

In 2011, the State Department ordered investigators to halt investigation into a U.S. ambassador who routinely left his post and "ditched his security detail" to have sex with prostitutes in a public park.

"This ambassador was reportedly summoned to D.C. where he was reportedly scolded by an undersecretary and then permitted to return to his post," Maddow said.

Investigators of the diplomatic service leaked the draft memo out of frustration with the fact that their investigations of misbehavior by high-ranking officials keep getting blocked by higher-ups. The Office of the Inspector General created the report as part of its role as the Department of Justice entity charged with rooting out waste, fraud and abuse in the State and Justice Departments.

"Beyond the alleged hookers issue with the ambassador and the alleged hookers issue with the Hillary Clinton security detail," Maddow said, "there's also a reported investigation into allegations that a State Department security official in Beirut 'engaged in sexual assaults with foreign nationals hired as embassy guards.'"

Add to that allegations of an "underground drug ring" operating in tandem with the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad that supplies State Department security contractors with illicit drugs. All of these investigations were halted in their early stages because of pressure from high ranking government officials.

The Department of Justice said that it doesn't comment on drafts reports and the State Department assured reporters that it is "preposterous" to allege that the Department does not fully investigate and prosecute any charges of wrongdoing.

"This is certainly not the last you will hear of this one," said Maddow. "Watch this space."

Watch the video, embedded below via MSNBC:

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