A kindergarten class at the Olympic Primary Center in the Los Angeles Unified School District ended their school year by sending a message in support of LGBT rights by performing Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors" using American Sign Language.

"Oh. My. God. Conservatives were actually right on this one," teacher Arturo Avina wrote on his blog. "The 'gay agenda' is infiltrating our public schools! And you know what? It's absolutely fabulous."

Throughout the song, students hold mirrors up to the audience with the words "You Are Good" and "You Are Perfect."

"The lesson: love yourself, and always show love, kindness, and respect towards others no matter who they are," Avina explained. "Regardless of ethnicity, sex, gender, religious creed, or sexual orientation, EVERYONE is worthy of love."

The teacher said that he realized that "some detractors that may find it appalling," but if "this is what the 'gay agenda' looks like in public schools, let's bring it on. It's breathtakingly beautiful."

Watch the video below from Arturo Avina YouTube page, uploaded on June 6, 2013.