Tea party-backed Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) is urging Americans to be "skeptical" of income taxes, the estate tax and President Barack Obama's health care reform law because of last year's terrorist attack in Benghazi and a National Security Agency (NSA) program that collects millions of phone records each day.

Fox News host Chris Wallace asked Johnson on Sunday if he would oppose the nominations of Samantha Power to be U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland to become the next assistant secretary for European and Eurasian affairs.

"I think that's a possibility," the Wisconsin Republican warned.

Johnson charged that the Obama administration was "going through a crisis of credibility" because "the American people have lost their faith" in the president due to the NSA and Benghazi scandals.

"When Secretary Clinton came before our committee, you know, in response to my questioning her, she asked her own question, 'What difference does it make?' We're starting to see the difference it makes when the American people lose faith in this administration," he insisted. "I think a healthy distrust in government is a good thing."

"But what I'd like to do is to make sure Americans start to take a look at the awesome power government in other areas," Johnson continued. "You know, the ability to take 45 percent of your income, 40 percent of your estate, you know, tell you what doctor you can utilize, you know, what type of health care treatments are going to be made available to you."

"So, this is about limiting our government. And Americans do need to be very skeptical of a ever-expanding, ever-more-powerful government."

Watch this Fox News' Fox News Sunday, broadcast June 9, 2013.