A Michigan man was being held on Monday after allegedly breaking his girlfriend's nose, choking her and shooting her dog with a BB gun because he was jealous of the animal.

The Bay City Times reported on Monday that police were called to McLaren Bay Region hospital on July 23 because 25-year-old Holli L. Yax told staff that she was a victim of domestic abuse. Yax said that she had been lying in bed that night with her boyfriend, 36-year-old Joshua J. Woodman, and her 2-year-old white pit bull mix Bubba.

"Joshua was trying to play with Bubba, but Bubba wasn't playing back," Yax reportedly explained. "He then got mad and started kicking Bubba."

According to Bay City Times, "Yax said she got Bubba off the bed, and Woodman yelled at her for defending the dog. Woodman kicked over a lamp and started punching Bubba in the face."

"When I did this, Joshua grabbed his BB gun and said he wanted Bubba to die," Yax explained to police.

Woodman shot at and struck Bubba with several BB pellets, Yax said.

Woodman then chased Yax as she let Bubba out of the room. She said that he grabbed her hair and punched her nose. He then choked her, lifting her off the ground and finally bit her ring finger.

That's when Bubba started barking and distracted Woodman. Yax was able to flee to the hospital when a neighbor confronted Woodman about the broken nose.

Woodman, who has served prison time on at least eight felony convictions and has been off parole less than four months, was arrested while Yax was still at the hospital.

"I was yelling at the dog to get off the bed, but it wouldn't (expletive) listen," he told police. "I was getting (expletive) because my girl wouldn't tell the dog to get off the (expletive) bed. Finally, I kicked the (expletive) off the bed."

Woodman admitted to punching the dog, but insisted that he did not shoot the animal and he did not know how his girlfriend got the broken nose.

The police report indicated that two BB guns were missing from the apartment and no blood stains were found. However, BBs were found on the bedroom floor.

Woodman was charged with assault by strangulation and misdemeanor domestic violence. He also faces charges of killing or torturing an animal. He was being held in lieu of $100,000 cash bond.

His previous convictions include multiple counts of larceny, discharging a firearm from a motor vehicle, assault with a dangerous weapon and possessing and promoting child sexually abusive material.

He is scheduled to appear in Bay County Chief District Court for a preliminary examination on August 6.

Yax told Bay City Times that Bubba probably saved her life.

"We got the dog because he was abused, and an abused dog saved me that night," Yax said.

[Photo:Facebook/Holli L. Yax]