BBC Middle East bureau editor Jeremy Bowen was shot in the head and leg while covering a demonstration in support of former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi on Friday, the Huffington Post reported.

"I think it was a shotgun," Bowen told the British newspaper the Daily Mirror. "I got two pellets in the leg and one in the ear. It came out of nothing."

Bowen told the newspaper the gunshots were fired by Egyptian troops trying to repel protesters who had gathered near the Republican Guards Club in Cairo to criticize Morsi's ouster on Wednesday, killing a man in the process.

"Before they had used any kind of teargas they resorted to live fire," Bowen told the Mirror. "Initially I thought it was in the air and then I saw the weapons were levelled. After that I saw a man went down. I saw the body, bloodied, being carried away."

Though Bowen was not critically injured, the Post reported that at least one other journalist has been killed and another sexually assaulted in the aftermath of the coup against Morsi, while a CNN broadcast in the area was disrupted by protesters and the offices of Al Jazeera were attacked.

Watch Bowen describe the incident in this video, posted by BBC Live on Friday, below.