Looking a bit like a homeless re-imagining of horror movie icon Freddy Krueger, right-wing conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck appeared on his Blaze TV Internet show Monday sporting a beard, rolling condoms onto his fingers and taping a birth control pill to his nose in an apparent effort to mock MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry.

On her weekend show, Harris-Perry wore a pair of tampons as earrings to make a point about officials at the Texas Capitol who began confiscating feminine hygiene products from protesters as Republicans pushed the acrimonious abortion debate to a close in the recent special session.

Beck explained Monday that if the MSNBC host were wearing the odd earrings in public, "I might be attracted to you." He said that's because they look "kind of like marshmallows," not stopping to explain why marshmallow earrings would cause him to become aroused. "From a distance you'd be like, 'She has marshmallow earrings. She is trolling for me!'"

Beck's co-hosts didn't quite get his schtick. "It just looks like you're rolling condoms onto your fingers," one of them said. "Is this for reproductive rights?"

“I’m with her, I’m with her," Beck replied before taping a birth control pill to his nostril and calling it a nose ring. "I'm in Texas. She is wearing tampon earrings, I’m wearing condom gloves. I just want to make the point that abortion is murder, and if you’re looking to control reproductive organs, there are other things you can do."

"Melissa, you don't look like an idiot -- nor do I," he concluded. "And Melissa, you look as credible as I do."

This video is from The Blaze, published Monday, July 22, 2013.


(H/T: Huffington Post)