Evangelical radio host Bryan Fischer inadvertently disagreed with Fox News on his radio show on Tuesday when he said Anthony Weiner's campaign to become mayor of New York City is part of a plot to bolster what he called "jihadist activity" by his wife, Huma Abedin.

"What better way to create an opportunity for more jihadist activity if you got a mayor who says, 'Hey, look, you've been cracking down on these people. We're gonna pull back on all that surveillance and all that kind of stuff,'" Fischer told a caller.

On Monday, a Fox guest, Brooke Goldstein, said Weiner continued to send inappropriate text messages to other women because he was "un-attracted" to Abedin's alleged connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, a line of attack Fischer revisited.

"The way it would serve the interests of Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood and their agenda to exterminate and destroy western civilization is to have the mayor of the most populous city in the United States be connected to the Muslim Brotherhood," he told the caller, a woman identifying herself as "Joan." "I mean, that would be a huge advantage for them."

Conservatives like Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) began accusing Abedin, a former aide to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of being tied to the group, in 2012, leading to Abedin needing police protection.

Bachmann was subsequently ripped by both Democrats and fellow Republicans over the accusations, and also apparently ran away from a CNN reporter when pressed on her claims.

Fischer also defended the surveillance of Muslim communities in the city, which has been targeted in a lawsuit by civil rights groups calling it unconstitutional.

"One of the places where Muslims have complained about the kind of scrutiny they've been under has been in New York. Ray Kelly, the police chief, has been unapologetic about the fact that, 'Look, we understand the threat right now to our security primarily comes from the Islamic tradition, so we gotta keep an eye on the mosque. We gotta watch these communities, we gotta infiltrate them, we gotta know what's going on because we saw on 9/11 what can happen in the name of Allah to our cities.'

In reality, the Associated Press reported in February 2013 that, according to unsealed testimony, the NYPD's "demographics unit" did not get any information of value from its undercover officers.

"I never made a lead from rhetoric that came from a Demographics report, and I'm here since 2006," Associate Chief Thomas Galati testified. "I don't recall other ones prior to my arrival."

Watch Fischer speculate on Weiner's campaign motives, as posted by Right Wing Watch on Wednesday, below.