A disgraced former Navy chaplain on Monday accused Justice Anthony Kennedy of calling Jesus "evil" because he had a written a majority opinion for the U.S. Supreme Court that struck down key parts of the federal government's ban on same sex marriage.

In his Monday Pray in the Jesus Name Internet broadcast, Gordon Klingenschmitt said that Justice Antonin Scalia's dissent in the ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was effectively saying that "the majority, Justice Kennedy and the four liberal justices have looked into the soul of Christians -- including almost all congressmen that voted for DOMA -- and they found us evil."

"When Justice Kennedy looks into our heart, is he discerning the Holy Spirit and saying we are filled with the demonic spirit?" Klingenschmitt wondered, adding that Jesus had said in Matthew 19:4-6 that a "man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife."

"When Jesus defines marriage as one man and one woman, when Jesus is inside of us as Christians, inside of Congress who passed the DOMA law, maybe inside of Bill Clinton who might have been filled with the Holy Spirit when he signed the Defense of Marriage Act -- Justice Kennedy looks in our heart and says, 'No, no. That's an evil motive.'"

He concluded: "He's looking at Jesus in us and calling him evil. He's looking at the Holy Spirit in us and calling it a demon! Justice Kennedy, you are fully of blasphemy! And Scalia is absolutely right on this. Let's pray."

Watch this video from Pray in the Jesus Name as clipped by Right Wing Watch on July 8, 2013.