Conservative radio host Glenn Beck on Monday repeatedly accused Teresa Heinz Kerry of faking her hospitalization because her husband, Secretary of State John Kerry, had been briefly spotted on his boat during a regime change in Egypt.

Sources told The Associated Press earlier this week that Heinz Kerry had suffered symptoms consistent with a seizure before being admitted into Nantucket Cottage Hospital and listed in critical condition.

On Monday, Beck asserted that the illness had been part of conspiracy to distract from the State Department's admission that Secretary Kerry was "briefly on his boat" during the massive protests in Egypt.

"You expect me to believe that Ms. Ketchup is in critical condition?" he asked, comparing the situation to conspiracy theories that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had faked a head injury to avoid testifying about terrorist attacks in Benghazi.

"Was that even real? We are at the point that I told you we would be at under George W. Bush. I said, there will come a time when you have lied to us so many times, we can't believe anything that you say to us. You have got to stop lying to the American people."

Beck added: "I don't know what's real anymore. Because, is this not the perfect scenario? This is a huge scandal! And what do they say now? 'He is having a hard time, his wife is in the hospital.' And that may very well be true, but I'm sorry, I can't give you any sympathy now because you've lied to us too many times."

"People go to hospital for no reason except to get them out of things."

Later on The Blaze's Real News internet show, Beck told host Buck Sexton that it was "fascinating" Heinz Kerry was reported to be in critical condition "the same day the State Department is caught in a massive, massive lie."

Watch this video from The Blaze, broadcast July 8, 2013.

(h/t: Right Wing Watch)