In an odd rant about the secret symbolism on the $1 bill, right-wing conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck told an audience on Wednesday that America's founders established the country so that conservative Christians could help the nation of Israel come into being nearly 200 years later.

Speaking to an organization called Christians United for Israel, founded by television preacher and longtime conservative activist John Hagee, Beck, a Mormon, urged his viewers to examine their $1 bills closely.

"Look at the great seal," he said. "You'll notice, in-between the wingspan of the eagle, you will see the star of David made out of 13 stars. Now, why is the star of David there?"

He went on to claim that Haym Solomon, a Polish Jew and key financier of the American Revolutionary War, asked that it be laid out that way. However, there is no evidence to back up this theory.

Solomon did not design the Great Seal, after all. After "numerous changes" by its designer, Charles Thompson, the final appearance of the Great Seal was adopted by Congress in 1782, according to The National Archives. In it, the stars above the eagle's head are not aligned in a hexagonal pattern -- that was done later by an engraver who is thought to have made a mistake.

"But that's not all!" Beck declared. "If you also see, and if you look at it in color, you will notice there is a white ring around that. And then a yellow ring. The white ring looks almost like clouds -- because it is! The cloud that led the people of Israel out during the day and the yellow ring represents the fire."

This video was published to YouTube on July 24, 2013, as snipped by Right Wing Watch.