In video obtained by TMZ, pop star Justin Bieber is seen urinating in a restaurant's kitchen and then yelling "Fuck Bill Clinton" for some unknown reason.

"Justin Bieber is an oblivious, self-important little twit who goes out of his way to make the working man's life miserable -- just watch this video of the singer pissing into a restaurant mop bucket ... and laughing like he's the king of the world," TMZ wrote on Wednesday.

According to the website, Bieber was in a New York City earlier this year when he decided that he couldn't be troubled to find a proper bathroom.

"That's the coolest spot to piss," one of the people in Bieber's entourage says in the video. "You know, you'll forever remember that. You're not going to remember pissing in the restroom."

Before leaving the kitchen, the pop star sprays a photo of Bill Clinton with some cleaning fluid and then adds, "Fuck Bill Clinton."

"We don't know what Bill Clinton did to Justin Bieber ... but whatever it was, Bieber probably deserved it," TMZ noted. "Thank you, Bill. Thank you."

Watch this video from TMZ, broadcast July 10, 2013.

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