Though Weiner is flagging in the polls, which show a majority of New York City's Democrats want him to pull out, there are at least a few voters who remain unconvinced that compulsive junk-photography might be a disqualifying activity for the city's next leader.

For those voters, Northern Virginia resident-turned-comedy-rapper Remy has a few choice thoughts, set to the tune of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" (a song which, like Weiner, is the subject of feminist controversy and parody).

"You want someone who's not a total idiot?" Remy asks. "Well you can have 'em, that kind of genius. Give me the Ansel Adams of pixeled [sic] penis." (Notably, most of Weiner's now-infamous crotch-selfies were, unlike Ansel Adams' work, in color.)

Watch the entire video, courtesy of Remy and, below: