A man on a mission to be shockingly generous to as many waiters as possible made a stop in St. Paul, Minnesota on Saturday, and according to CBS Minnesota one lucky waiter landed a $1,000 tip.

That man is Seth Collins, whose brother's dying wish was that he give "an awesome tip" to some random waiter -- adding in his will, "I'm not talking about 25%. I mean $500 for a fu*king pizza."

Ever since Seth's brother Aaron died on July 7, 2012, Seth has been on a mission to hand out big tips everywhere he goes. Funded by generous online donations, Saturday's stop in St. Paul was his 58th so far.

Plans for future stops are listed on Collins' Facebook page, and his organization, Aaron's Last Wish, has become quite adept at cataloging the reactions they get, reality show-style.

Collins says 100 percent of the donations go directly to servers, and he hopes to keep making generous contributions once a week for as long as he has the money to do so.

This video is from CBS Minnesota, aired Sunday, July 21, 2103.

This video was published to YouTube on July 20, 2013.