On Tuesday night, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly attacked African-Americans yet again, saying that groups working for equal rights in the U.S. are a "hustle," and exhorted National Urban League President Mark Morial to "stop the B.S., stop the diversions" and admit that he is right, that there is something fundamentally wrong with "black culture." O'Reilly was enlarging upon themes he brought up in his racist rant from Monday night's "O'Reilly Factor," in which he blamed single African-American women who have children for "the black crime problem."

Since the verdict was announced in the George Zimmerman trial, right-wing pundits appear to be making less and less effort to cloak their racism in the usual polite euphemisms. Former rocker Ted Nugent has openly joked about gunning down residents of Los Angeles' African-American neighborhoods like feral hogs and blamed "the blacks" for any disadvantages they might face in American society.

Rush Limbaugh has proudly announced his intention to start using the N-word because "it's not racist" anymore, and now, O'Reilly has taken it upon himself to open fire on the African-American community, insisting that what he called the "civil rights industry" would rather indulge in "grievance" and "hustle" around the issues than address them.

The solution to gun violence, he said, "is not the seizure of weapons a clear violation of Second Amendment but a streamlined approach to punishing thugs who carry illegal guns."

When Morial joined the show, he told O'Reilly that he was disappointed with his remarks from Monday, which amounted to "name-calling, castigating and attacks."

O'Reilly responded that maybe Morial "didn't understand the question" and began to rail at him about the "disintegration of the African-American family."

“What you’re doing is not working,” O'Reilly said. “From the president on down, we need to stop the BS, stop the diversion and come to some solutions.”

"Obviously," said Morial, "you haven't been listening that closely."

Watch the video, embedded below via Fox News: