A Pennsylvania police chief who made international news after posting profanity- and gunfire-filled videos to YouTube says he is now "under attack."

Mark Kessler in his videos berated Secretary of State John Kerry over a United Nations conspiracy theory, repeatedly shot a picture of scary clown that he said was Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), told "libtards" they "take it in the *ss," talked about shooting a "libtard out of a tree," and later offered a faux apology filled with F-bombs and automatic gunfire.

During his radio show on Monday, Kessler said he and his family had received death threats. People have also been harassing his employer. Kessler complained the media had made "[him] out to be some kind of circus clown, deranged lunatic."

The police chief of Gilberton, Pennsylvania also continued his tradition of berating Democrats and liberals.

"Democrats are the most vile creatures in this country," he said. "They are vile. They are evil, evil, un-American. I don't even want to call them people because that's being too kind. They're scum. You go against your country. They hate their country."

Kessler also called WNEP's Bob Reynolds a "communist c*cksucker" for reporting on his videos. Kessler said Democrats are "nothing but scum" and were the "most vile creatures in this country." He described a member of the North Schuylkill School Board who told him to resign as a "tyrant."

The disparaging videos have raised questions about Kessler's willingness to protect every member of his community. Though he hates Democrats and liberals, Kessler insisted he was just as willing to protect "libtards" as anyone else.

Near the end of his show, Kessler received a call from a self-professed "libtard" who noted that while the police chief had ranted and raved about tyranny, he himself said all liberals and Democrats were enemies of the state. Kessler doubled down, and said the Founding Fathers of the United States would have been shooting liberals "years ago."

When the "libtard" said the United States was home to people who believed in various political philosophies, Kessler accused him of "spewing communist socialism b*llsh*t."