Christian radio host Matt Barber said Monday the Supreme Court's recent decisions in favor of marriage equality have paved the way for societal discrimination against Christians.

"It's already starting to happen," Barber told co-host Mat Staver. "By laying the groundwork now for the widespread recognition of so-called same sex marriage as a fundamental constitutional right, something that is absurd on its face, the court has now opened the floodgates for prosecution to occur."

Forecasting a future where the high court would mandate that all 50 states recognize same sex partnerships, Barber -- vice president of Liberty Counsel Action, a conservative legal group that supported the Defense of Marriage Act -- said that would put Christians in an untenable position by having to choose whether to "render unto God what is God's or render unto Caesar what is God's."

"Make no question about it: the institution of natural marriage was designed by, and is owned by, the creator of the universe, God," Barber said. "And we will not render unto Caesar what does not belong to Caesar."

He also encouraged his listeners to draw a line in the sand against the court's decision.

"Come the persecution, come the penalties, come what may, the full weight of government, we will not pretend that a man can marry a man or a woman can marry a women under any circumstances, in any context whatsoever," Barber said.

Watch Barber's remarks, posted online by Right Wing Watch on Tuesday, below.