Republican's attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act is part of their assault on reproductive rights, according to Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

Speaking at Planned Parenthood's Organizing and Policy Summit this month, Warren said access to health care and family planning services was not just a women's issue.

"Certainly it is a women's issue, but it's a family issue," she explained. "It effects everyone in the family. We have healthier families because of the things we fight for here at Planned Parenthood."

Warren noted the Affordable Care Act contained provisions that allowed Americans to stay on their parents' health care plan until they turned 26 years old and prohibited insurance companies from charging women more than men based solely on their sex. It also provided women with free access to contraception under their insurance plans.

"The fight we are engaged in is a fight worth having," she said. "We fight so that every woman has control over her own body. We believe in that, and that is a fight worth having."

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