Surveillance video capture a Texas woman gunning down a man at a gas station in Houston and then videotaping the body with her cellphone before fleeing the scene.

KHOU reported that surveillance video recorded at a Gulf gas station on Sunday night shows a woman partially dressed in camouflage arguing with a man.

She pulls out a rifle and points it at the man and he responds by challenging her with an umbrella. He appears to take a swing at her, and she aims the rifle and fires several times.

The woman then shocked witnesses by using her phone's camera to record the victim's body before fleeing from gas station.

Family members identified the victim as 58-year-old Lewis Daniels. They believe that he had come to the gas station to buy a pack of cigarettes. Daniels was pronounced dead at the scene.

"Well, my brother is harmless, he’s harmless and he wouldn’t have hurt her. He wouldn’t have hurt nobody," Daniels' brother told KHOU. "She just didn’t know him, you know. Because if she’d have known my brother, she’d have known that Poochie wouldn’t have hurt nobody."

Police tracked down the woman with the help of a license plate number recorded by witnesses. She was taken into custody for questioning, but her name was not released.

Watch this video from KHOA, broadcast July 22, 2013.