An anti-LGBT "family values" group claims that Fox News is caving in to a "pro-homosexual agenda" by moving Megyn Kelly to Sean Hannity's 9:00 p.m. weekday slot. According to a press release received by Atlanta Journal-Constitution writer Jim Galloway, the group America's Survival, Inc. (ASI) has compiled a report on what it calls "radical changes at Fox News that should cause great concern to pro-family conservatives."

ASI said in its 92-page press release -- authored by Peter LaBarbera of the Southern Poverty Law Center-certified hate group Americans for Truth About Homosexuality and entitled "Unfair, Unbalanced and Afraid: Fox News’ Growing Pro-Homosexual Bias and the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association" (.pdf) -- that the move of Kelly to prime time is just another sign of the network's "left-ward drift and decline."

No one at Fox News has confirmed that Kelly will be making the leap to prime time, but apparently a rumor is all ASI needed to confirm its doubts about the conservative network.

The group plans to present its findings regarding Fox News' alleged slide into LGBT debauchery at the National Press Club on Tuesday, August 20. The press release cited remarks made by Kelly as proof of her supposed pro-LGBT bias.

In an interview with an evangelical pastor, Kelly said:

“This country has a long history of discrimination against certain groups. Eventually we wind up getting it right. Right? Against women, against blacks, the civil rights movement and so on. And in justifying that discrimination when it was in place, some folks turn to the Bible and turn to their religious beliefs and said we have to have slavery because it's in the Bible."

“Women have to be second-class citizens because that's in the Bible. Blacks and whites can't get married because that's in the Bible. That wound up in a case. A judge wrote that in an opinion, which the Supreme Court ultimately struck that down, saying, ‘That's not right, judge -- the Equal Protection clause says you can't do that.’ Why is gay marriage any different?”

LaBarbera wrote that setatements like this have "contributed to the further degradation of journalism that has contributed to Republican and conservative ambivalence on issues like same-sex 'marriage' and allowing open homosexuals in the military. So bad is the media groupthink on homosexuality that even self-described 'conservatives' like Glenn Beck and Tucker Carlson have either endorsed or made positive soundings on 'gay marriage,' or gone silent on LGBT issues."

ASI and LaBarbera must have missed the discussion on Tuesday's "Fox and Friends" in which right-wing agitator Michelle Malkin and the hosts of Fox's morning show expressed their disgust and incredulity that California has passed a law protecting transgender students from discrimination.

“There is such an impetus to pander to political correctness,” Malkin complained. "I think this is social engineering run amuck."

Host Gretchen Carlson seemed to have trouble even accepting that transgender youth exist.

“Can you imagine now, the boys want to go into the girls bathroom and the girls want to go into the boys bathroom, and they can just say, ‘Oh, well, I was transgender for the moment.’” she said, adding, "I just can't get my head around this."