Atheists don't hate God, atheist blogger Hemant Mehta explained Tuesday, they just don't believe the supposedly divine being actually exists.

"But I guess if you lived in a country where all of the representatives, all of the politicians were religious and everywhere you went everyone just assumed you are religious, and you think they're delusional in that sense, people might get the impression that when you criticize it or you critique it or you try to find explanations for stuff, that you're against them, that you must hate them," he said in a video uploaded to YouTube.

Mehta of the Friendly Atheist blog at Patheos said that wasn't the case. He didn't hate religious people or the gods they worshiped. He simply didn't believe in the supernatural.

"Just because I don't believe in your god doesn't mean I hate your god," Mehta continued. "There is just no evidence -- so, sorry."

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube by The Atheist Voice, below: