Without naming any specific incidents or people, or even his sources, Glenn Beck likened members of President Barack Obama's administration with racist figures like Adolf Hitler and David Duke on Friday.

"We quoted the doctors -- and I don't know which doctors they were, but we quoted the doctors last night, they're some of the leading experts from around the world -- on race relations and racists," Beck said on his program, before alluding to a whiteboard bearing characteristics of racists and saying, "In many ways, you're describing many in this administration."

Right Wing Watch reported that the board was a reference to Beck's Thursday night broadcast, in which he accused Obama of "looking at the world exclusively through the prism of black versus white" in his July 19 remarks concerning the not-guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman murder trial.

"It will be a crisis of some sort that will set off a race war or some sort of chaos in the streets," Beck said on Friday. "That's the cycle of hate and I am convinced that we are now just waiting for the crisis. The seeds are being planted every day and everything that doesn't become the crisis just becomes another seed, another ember that is waiting to set the entire house on fire."

Watch video of Beck's remarks, posted Friday by Right Wing Watch, below.