On Friday, Voice of Russia Radio presented an interview with homosexuality "expert" and Christian radio host Bryan Fischer, who praised that country's campaign of violence and intimidation against LGBT people. The far-right minister said that Russia's attitude towards LGBT people "is not being homophobic, it's homo-realistic" and reiterated one of his favorite tropes, that LGBT people are dirty disease-carriers who go against "God's design."

"Russia is not being homophobic, it’s homo-realistic," Fischer told VOR interviewer Olga Yazhgunovich. "(T)he Russian government is trying to take the issue into consideration and establish public policy to contribute to public health, as this lifestyle is not be promoted, endorsed or granted special legal protection."

"Homosexual behavior is just as risky as drug abuse," Fischer said, he continued. "I think the Russian government is right to be concerned with propaganda on teenagers who are at the age of struggling through sexual identity issue and we should help to channel these urges in productive behavior. Heterosexuality is God’s design. Policies that encourage young people to think this are good ideas."

"Homosexual behavior damages the body and soul. We love homosexuals enough to tell them the truth," he said.

Listen to Fischer's remarks to Voice of Russia Radio, embedded below via Mediaite: