Conservative journalists are part of a secretive group that hopes to defeat moderate to progressive politicians, according to Mother Jones' Washington D.C. Bureau Chief David Corn.

During an interview with 92Y Producer Jordan Chariton at The Jefferson Hotel, Corn explained his recent reporting on the conservative coalition known as Groundswell. Members of the group include prominent tea party activists and politicians as well as conservative journalists like Stephen Bannon of Breitbart News.

"Groundswell is a messaging strategy coalition, kind of hush hush, wasn't announced really to the world that was set up by some conservatives after the Republican defeat in last year's election," Corn explained. "All these advocates...are sitting around hatching talking points, messaging points, strategies for beating back progressive groups, congressional Democrats, the White House, but also Karl Rove."

Corn claimed the group helped "gin up" the Benghazi scandal. He said conservative reporters were "scheming" with activists, politicians, and legislative aides to help advance a conservative agenda.

"In this town, reporters are always talking to politicians and advocates," he remarked. "But in the context of attending meetings and being a regular amongst a group that has been created to work on messaging -- I mean, that's the thing. In some ways, you could call it propaganda without being pejorative. In fact, they have said, 'We're losing the propaganda battle.'"

Corn added that conservative journalists were not simply covering the meetings to stay informed. They were actively participating in the meetings to help develop political strategies.

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube by 92ndStreetY, below: