Conservative mogul Donald Trump and the hosts of Fox & Friends on Monday complained that African-American Democrats were allowed to say the word "cracker," but celebrity cook Paula Deen was "crucified" for using the N-word.

During a weekly segment with Trump, Fox News host Gretchen Carlson reported that Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) had gone on a "racist rant" last week when he said that the tea party was the "same white crackers" who fought against the civil rights movement.

"If Charlie or whoever it was was a Republican and they made that statement, they'd be resigning from office right now," Trump opined.

"Look at the stunning double standard," co-host Steve Doocy observed. "You know, he is on the left, and then a couple of months ago you had the instance with Paul Deen where she said one word thirty years ago, and she was crucified, lost her business deals. They took her to task, but Charlie Rangel gets a pass."

"Yeah, and nothing will happen to Charlie," Trump agreed. "I see it all the time. If you're a Republican and you make a statement like that, it's over. I mean, you are finished. If you're a conservative -- by the way, the further right you are, the worse it gets. So, it's a very rough -- it's a double standard. It's a very rough double standard."

"Paul Deen was absolutely crucified, what they did with her," the reality star continued. "I don't know what even happened to her. I see everybody dropped her. She has really got some problems. It's amazing."

Co-host Tucker Carlson asserted that President Barack Obama "should be forced to take a stand" against Rangel because he was one of the people "who consistently demand that Paula Deens of the world be crushed and driven out of the public conversation."

"Obama is going to take a pass," Trump said. "They're all going to take a pass. And that's the way the country is right now."

In fact, the White House has made no official comments about the Deen controversy.

Watch this video from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast Aug. 5, 2013.