Freshman Republican congressman from Oklahoma Rep. Markwayne Mullin rebuked a so-called "birther princess" at a town hall meeting on Thursday, calling the question of President Barack Obama's true citizenship a "dead issue" and saying "I don't even give a shit" when the woman tried to present him with a thick sheaf of papers supposedly proving Obama's non-eligibility to hold office.

Think Progress reported on the video earlier this week, claiming that when Mullin told the woman, "I believe what you're saying" that he was conceding that he, too, questions the president's official birth record, but dismissed the contention, saying, "We lost that argument" when the president was re-elected in 2012.

Talking Points Memo and Mediaite agree with Mullin spokesperson Ashley Kehl, who told TPM, "No, no, he’s never been a birther. He’s never proclaimed to be a birther or supportive of that.”

Kehl also claimed, however, that Mullin did not say, "I don't give a shit," but rather "Don't even give me it."

What do you think? Watch video of the exchange, below, embedded via Think Progress.

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