A protest against an appearance by President Barack Obama in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday was marked by several instances of racist language directed at Obama, the Arizona Republic reported.

"He's 47 percent Negro," 77-year-old Ron Enderle shouted at one point, later telling the Republic that he was "ashamed" to have Obama as Commander-in-Chief.

According to the Republic, at one point critics of Obama sang "Bye Bye Black Sheep" and at least one sign in the crowd read "Impeach the Half-White Muslim."

While Obama's appearance at Desert Vista High School dealt with mortgage finance reform, one demonstrator told KNXV-TV that she didn't think the president could solve that situation.

"I've got friends that they had to give their homes up because they have to go to foreclosure, and that's not right," Terri Ballway said to KNXV.

But while the demonstration also drew opponents of the Obama administration's heavy deportation policy against undocumented immigrants and the Keystone XL pipeline, there were also supporters of the president in the crowd.

"He's already helped me tremendously, personally because my daughter is a freshman in college and she was able to get the one-time money, and also my son is able to continue his health insurance until he's 26 years old," another resident, Delia Donlon, told KMSB-TV.

Watch KNXV's report on the demonstrations both for and against Obama, aired Tuesday, below.

[h/t The Huffington Post]