Standup comedian and television host Joe Rogan warned Monday that conspiracy theories like "chemtrails" could distract people from verifiable damage that was being done to the planet.

"What we worry about is weird," he said on his podcast. "If the government was really spraying something, that is something we should worry about, but -- stop -- what are the effects? I don't feel anything. If they are really doing this on a regular basis, what is exactly going on?"

"Now, let's stop and take a look at the sh*t we are not paying attention to. We're pumping raw sewage into the ocean, people are just sh*tting into the ocean, there's like boats that are burning diesel fuel, there's other boats with giant nets that are killing every f*cking fish within you know whatever stretch they've got these godd*mn killer nets set up for, just sucking fish out of it, throwing plastic in there, there is a giant patch."

Rogan's guest, Abby Martin of RT, said nearly every major body of water was now home to floating garbage patches.

"This guy went down to the bottom of the ocean... and it was covered in plastic bags," she said. "And this was 20 years ago. Can you imagine how it is now? I mean, this is the sh*t we should be concerned about."

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube, below: