With a post-Citizens United America turning every election into a battle between "our super-rich and their super-rich," Bill Maher argued on Real Time on Friday, he entreated rich liberals to put their political boots on the ground.

"Steven Spielberg, you should be taking over Wyoming right now," Maher demanded. "For a mere $150 million, you could kick out Dick Cheney and his evil daughter, make it a liberal utopia and put E.T. on the state flag. Tyler Perry, you could buy Montana and make yourself both senators and Madea the governor. And how great will it be on the day when people can get gay married in Oprahoma?"

Maher, who pointed out that the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling allowed him to contribute $1 million toward President Barack Obama's re-election campaign, also strongly suggested to panelist Jay-Z that he put some of his resources to use in North Carolina, where Maher said "every crazy, angry idea your drunk right-wing uncle mumbles at Thanksgiving dinner" had come to pass.

"If there's anyone out there who's done it all and is looking for some new thing to brag about, 'Own a state, it's my fate, it's great' -- I'm just saying, the rhymes practically write themselves," Maher said, before eyeing the rapper and entrepeneur and continuing. "'Daft Punk got lucky, I just bought Kentucky.'"

Watch Maher make his pitch to rich progressives, posted on YouTube Saturday by "The BMView," below.