Erstwhile television host and right-wing shock jock Michael Savage -- whose real name is Michael Weiner -- expressed skepticism on Saturday about the weekend's Middle East terrorism alert, which has closed U.S. embassies throughout the region. According to Mediaite, Savage said that rather than a real heightened possibility of terrorist action, the threat announcement is actually an attempt by the "first Muslim president" to "justify spying" on U.S. citizens.

“Do you believe this terror alert is real, or an attempt to justify spying on American citizens?” Savage asked during the broadcast. “Why should I believe this at all?”

A caller asked Savage about a right-trope currently circulating, that the Obama family celebrates the Islamic festival of Ramadan, but not Christmas.

“He’s the first Muslim president, everybody knows that," Savage insisted "Why are we even mincing words about it? His first father was an African Muslim. His second father was an Indonesian Muslim. Isn’t it true that most boys are impressed by their father’s religion, practice their father’s religion? Why are we shocked by this? Why is it even a question?”

Savage was fired from his MSNBC show ten years ago when he called a gay caller a "sodomite" and told the man "You should only get AIDS and die, you pig."

He was fired the next day, July 7, 2003. Now he is mainly confined to AM talk radio and the "birther" website World Net Daily.

Watch the video, embedded below via Mediaite:

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