We shouldn't bomb every country that does something bad, Florida Congressman Alan Grayson (D) said on Thursday.

The progressive Democrat told CNN he was opposed to a U.S. military strike against Syria over its alleged use of chemical weapons.

"The administration would have to explain why this affects some vital American interest," Grayson said. "I haven't heard any discussion of that at all. I think the only people who really want in to happen are the military industrial complex. I just don't understand how this involves us, Americans."

Obama said Wednesday he was still undecided about an attack against Syria, but he also said the use of chemical weapons violated international norms and Syria needed to be punished.

"The greatest norm, the highest norm in international law is that you don't attack another country unilaterally without the authorization of the United Nations," Grayson remarked. "That's the United Nations charter. It's a fundamental principle. We can't simply go in and bomb people whenever we feel like it, particularly when one man is arrogating to himself that decision."

White House deputy spokesman Josh Earnest has suggested the United States could strike Syria without help from the United Nations or allies. Earnest said the situation in Syria involved U.S. national security.

"We are not the world's policemen. That is not our responsibility. If the United Nations decides to authorize members including the United States to do something about that, then that is a bridge we can cross at that point," Grayson added.

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