Officials in a Texas town said on Thursday that they planned to question one of their officers after it was discovered that he took what may have been fan photos of George Zimmerman's driver's license during a traffic stop.

Earlier this week, the former neighborhood watchmen was stopped for speeding in Forney, and pointed out to the officer that he was the same George Zimmerman that was recently found not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin.

"What a coincidence?" the officer replies in dash cam video that was released on Wednesday.

On Thursday, TMZ pointed out to Forney officials that the unmistakable sound of an iPhone snapping a photo can be heard after the officer walks back to his cruiser to write out the warning ticket. The sound typing on the keyboard could also be heard.

The Forney city manager told KDFW that the officer would be questioned to find out if he took any personal photos and what he might have done with those photos.

Former police officer and attorney Pete Schulte explained to KDFW that taking a photo of Zimmerman's diver's license may not be cause for discipline.

"I mean, officers have a right to have a phone with a camera just like anyone else," Schulte explained. "The question then becomes is what they do with that information, and there's no evidence that that particular photo went any further than the police department."

The officer was off duty on Thursday and has not been named publicly. City officials said that questions about the photos were not considered a formal investigation at this time, but the officer could be disciplined if department policies were violated.

Watch this video from KDFW, broadcast Aug. 1, 2013.

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