A Houston pastor has been charged with sexual assault after a 14-year-old foster daughter accused him of initiating sexual contact with her at least six times.

Court documents obtained by KHOU indicated that the 14-year-old girl was doing chores at her home on April 7 of this year when 47-year-old Pastor Darryl Houston allegedly began to kiss her on the neck. The girl said that they started to "make out" and then "had sex," despite her being too young to legally consent.

After Houston allegedly had sexual contact with the underage victim on six occasions, the girl told a therapist at Children’s Assessment Center about the assaults, and that Houston had said that they would eventually be together.

Houston denied the the allegations when questioned by prosecutors, and he accused the girl of being "promiscuous." The pastor was later charged with three counts of sexual assault of a child under 17 after a polygraph test determined that he was being "deceptive."

And prosecutors think that Houston may be lying about more than just his sexual assaults of the girl. They have reason to believe that Houston's real name may be Christopher Miller, who is a convicted sex offender in Michigan.

For his part, Houston told a judge that he had never been to Michigan and was in the military when Christopher Miller committed those sex offenses. However, the judge decided against setting a bond.

Texas Child Protection Services told KHOU that the state did not conduct background checks on foster parents. One neighbor speculated that "about five or six kids" had been in Houston's care.

Circle of Care, the agency responsible for placing the children, said in a statement that it had "followed procedures and met all minimum standard guidelines."

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