The makers of College Humor have made a hilarious video that actually makes a totally great and serious point: HBO is great at showing women's breasts and terrible at showing men's genitals.

On behalf of HBO's female viewers, Emily Axford points out that though HBO has a diversity of brothels on shows like "Deadwood," "Game of Thrones" and "Boardwalk Empire" -- not to mention the strip clubs of the Sopranos -- it has yet to bare all of any male prick stick. They even had an entire show called "Hung" about a man with an oversized dick -- yet the audience never got to see it.

"We're not saying no more boobs," Axford said. "We just think you should show Dongs."

Yes, exactly. Though Axford ends the rant with the caveat that the women in the video don't pay for HBO anyway and mostly just steal their parents' HBO Go passwords, the point stands. HBO, it's time for you to show us your dick.

Watch this video, broadcast by College Humor on Aug. 12.