An Oregon clothing chain is investigating after a 14-year-old girl said that one store threw her out for being "too big."

Shelby Buster told KEZI that she didn't expect to experience weight discrimination when she went shopping without her mother at the mall for the first time.

"Me and my friend were walking around the mall for -- to spend my birthday money, and my mom was sitting in the food court," she recalled.

Buster said that she and her friend headed to the Rue 21 clothing store where she was met by a rude sales representative.

"I walked in and the lady at the front counter said hey you’re too big to be in this store, I need you to leave," the 14-year-old said.

After Buster told her mother what happened, she confronted an employee at the store and they apologized. Buster's mother then contacted KEZI and posted the story on Facebook.

A Rue 21 district manager told KEZI that the company was reviewing surveillance footage. The company also insisted that it did not tolerate discrimination.

"Seriously, that’s disrespectful and rude," Buster pointed out. "Just because I’m bigger than you guys are -- I’m not a 14 or smaller -- it makes no sense why they would do that."

"It just made no sense to me. They should just have more respect, just refrain from insulting people like me and stuff."

Watch this video from KEZI, broadcast Sept. 1, 2013.

(h/t: Consumerist)