Anti-LGBT activist suggests 'homosexual sodomy was created to spread disease'

The founder of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, a group dedicated to opposing equal rights for LGBT people, said on Wednesday that the United States was on a "moral decline" because of same sex marriage promoted "homosexual sodomy," which seemed to be "created to spread disease."

Speaking on the Faith & Freedom Internet broadcast, Americans for Truth about Homosexuality President Peter LaBarbera told host Matt Barber that homosexuals had managed to "turn their sin into an identity and to a right."

"They say it's who they are, but it's not who they are, it's who they're not," he insisted. "They're not homosexual, they're just people who've gotten, through whatever circumstances in their life -- and many of them are unfortunate, even with the transgenders as well -- terrible circumstances, but they've embraced wrong in the name of rights. And it's very sad. And we need to reach out to them and say, 'God loves you, but God does not love your sin. You must repent of your sin.'"

LaBarbera added that tolerance for LGBT people was "a monster in our midst" because they keep wanting more and more rights.

"Now they want to attach the sin of Sodom to marriage," he explained, going on to reference a paper on the "Health Risks of Gay Sex" by the Catholic Medical Association's Dr. John Diggs.

"It's almost as if homosexual sodomy was created to spread disease," LaBarbera opined. "That's how dangerous and unnatural this lifestyle is. And yet, we're being told that it can now be attached to the noble institution of marriage?"

"When a nation does that, when a nation embraces such confusion and such evil, it is on a moral decline. And the only way to right it, I think, is through revival. We need a Christian revival in this country so we begin to embrace common sense and God's righteousness instead of this sin movement."

Watch this video from Liberty Counsel's Faith & Freedom, broadcast Sept. 25, 2013.

(h/t: Right Wing Watch)