A 14-month-old baby boy was shot in the head and killed in Brooklyn, NY Sunday night as his parents looked on in horror. According to the Washington Post, Antiq Hennis was shot from a passing car as his parents crossed a street pushing his stroller in the Brownsville neighborhood.

Gina Gamboa, 23, witnessed the shooting and told the New York Post, "I heard three to four shots shots. I saw a man with a stroller screaming, `My baby got shot! My baby got shot,’" she said. "He was going crazy."

“The baby’s chest was moving, but his head was tilted to the side,'" said Gamboa. "There was blood all over the stroller."

Antiq Hennis died at 8:50 p.m. in Brookdale Hospital, an hour after he was struck in the left side of the head by a bullet.

Police believe that the shooter may have been trying to gun down the baby's father, Anthony Hennis, who has a lengthy criminal record, including arrests for drugs, weapons possession, car theft, assault and driving violations.

The baby's uncle, Chris Dovson, however, said that fatherhood had made Anthony Hennis into a "changed man," and that the toddler was "vibrant and full of energy."

“He was just starting to learn how to walk," he said. "He was just getting the hang of it."

Community advocate Tony Herbert told reporters, "This has got to stop in our community. Innocent people are dying for reasons we have no understanding of."

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