"This is called Jack Frost, but it's a triple A: alert, awake, and aware," the "budtender" Carrie tells Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes. "If you needed to medicate in the a.m. before going to work, no one would ever be able to detect that you took any medicine, just as you would any other medicines that you take. So no physical lethargy, is my point."

The 60 Minutes piece, Rocky Mountain High, is a look inside the quasi-legal medical marijuana dispensaries of Colorado. No state has an infrastructure as well developed for selling prescription marijuana. But the federal government still classifies cannabis as a drug more dangerous than either cocaine or methamphetamine. While the winds are changing -- U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said recently that he wants to reduce prosecutions for drug crime in general -- the law legalizing pot in Washington state and Colorado remains at odds with the federal government.

Watch the video below.