In the clip below from "Creation Today," Dr. Jason Lisle of the Institute for Creation Research decries the "cultural shift" away from Bible-based Judeo-Christian thinking to reason and science. Sitting in a kitchen and being filmed on a cell phone, Lisle launched into a diatribe against "humanist" thinking, saying that science is prejudiced against a literal interpretation of the Bible and therefore dismisses evidence of the great flood and a universe that was created in seven days.

"In the past, people for the most part had a Christian world view," said Lisle. "Even if they weren't Christians, because of our culture, we had that Christian outlook on things. As a result of that, people tended to interpret evidence properly. When we all have the same world view, you tend to interpret evidence the same way."

"So, you show some of the evidence for the flood," he said, meaning the great flood of the Old Testament, which Noah and his family survived on an ark along with the entire animal kingdom. "You show some of the evidence for Creation and they say, 'Yeah, I see, I get it.'"

"Today the culture has changed," he continued. "People are more inclined to believe in secular humanism as their foundation, materialism, naturalism. And so, today you present evidence for Creation and the flood and they say, 'No, that's evidence for naturalism, that's evidence for secularism' because they interpret that evidence according to their world view."

"We've got to challenge people's world view. That's what presuppositional apologetics is all about," he said.

Presuppositional apologetics is a school of theological thought that says all rational thought flows forth from the word of God and that no science or scholarly investigation is possible without first accepting that the Bible is the word of God and absolutely true. Outside of that belief system, it says, there is no possible basis for argument with a non-Christian because everything they believe is false.

"Creation Today" host Eric Hovind then turned his phone camera around to face himself and said, "Dude, I'm lovin' this man. I tell ya, if you ever get a chance to hang out with Dr. Lisle for a few minutes, you are gonna be buh-lessed."

Watch the clip, embedded below via YouTube: