Dick Cheney mocked by guy in a kilt after he loses antelope hunt over a 'gun malfunction'

Former Vice President Dick Cheney came in second place in an antelope hunting contest after his gun malfunctioned over the weekend -- and to make matters worse, he was mocked by a man in wearing a kilt.

According to K2TV, Cheney's "Wyoming" team was forced to surrender the title to the Remington team due to some problems with the former vice president's equipment.

"The Vice President is an excellent shot," Governor Matt Mead, who served as captain for the Wyoming team, graciously explained. "He had a gun malfunction. But I think he is so excited and enjoyed this so much. He'll be back next year."

For his part, Cheney said that he did not take the malfunction "personally."

"I'm sure there was a small problem with the manufacturer," he told a crowd gathered at One Shot Hunt Club on Sunday.

As part of the hunting club tradition, a member of Cheney's "Wyoming" team was called up on stage to explain the loss. And for some reason, he was wearing a kilt-like skirt.

"That was that f*cking box of Remington ammunition," the man said. "It shouldn't surprise anyone that Dick Cheney's gun had a major malfunction today. He had Remington ammunition. But the good news is, his gun didn't work and nobody got hurt."

While on a 2006 hunting trip for quail in Texas, Cheney mistakenly shot his friend, 78-year-old Harry Whittington, in the face.

“I am the guy who pulled the trigger and shot my friend,” he later told Fox News. “That is something I will never forget.”

Watch this video from K2TV, broadcast Sept. 22, 2013.