Thursday morning on his daily radio broadcast, former Fox News host Glenn Beck dismissed ex-Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) as "just another progressive" because, in Beck's estimation, a Pres. Mitt Romney would be bombing and invading Syria now. noted that this is a sharp U-turn away from Beck's pro-Romney rhetoric during the 2012 campaign.

Beck began by telling a fairly involved story that took place on "the ranch" about finding and rescuing a lost sheep that had been missing for more than a year. The sheep, to him, was a metaphor for the American people who have been left behind by establishment Republicans and "progressives" in the government.

Faced with the question of whether or not to intervene in Syria, Beck said, "I'm not sure that Romney would have behaved any differently. I'm not sure that Romney wouldn't have been going in and asking to go in. Now, he would have done it with a little more class, and more people would have believed him, but I think he might have been going in to Syria as well."

"Because in the end we all found out that he was the progressive," he said. "Remember in that last debate, he was saying, 'You know when it comes to Middle Eastern policy, I pretty much agree. I'd pretty much do the same thing.'"

Beck went on to say that if Romney had been elected, right-wing activists and tea partiers would have "gone back to sleep" and grown complacent under a Romney presidency.

"The Lord isn't just trying to save half the country," he said, "He wants to save everybody. Every single lost sheep."

This strain of thinking echoes other recent Beck statements in which he called Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) a progressive for supporting military action in Syria. Beck has apparently redefined the parameters of progressivism to include anyone who supports any international action by the government on any front.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee has lobbied members of Congress to oppose any military action against Syria, while some members of the Progressive Caucus plan to team up with the tea party to stop the war.

Watch the video, embedded via The Blaze TV, below:

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