Gretchen Carlson: Women are 'not allowed' to wear pants on 'Fox & Friends'

Fox News host Gretchen Carlson revealed on Thursday that she was "not allowed" to wear pants during her time hosting the network's morning show.

Carlson, who will be moving to her own Fox News daytime show later this month, reminisced with former co-host Brian Kilmeade on his radio show Thursday about their time working together on Fox & Friends.

"Guess who just walked in? If you're watching -- if you have the podcast. Gretchen Carlson's in, dressed casual, kind of," Kilmeade noted.

"Nobody's going to recognize me because not only am I dressed casually, I have on pants!" Carlson exclaimed. "Now, pants were not allowed on Fox & Friends. Remember?"

"Yeah, what happened with that?" Kilmeade wondered.

"I have jeans on, Brian!" Carlson added. "Welcome to the new Gretchen."

"Are you going to be jeans on your show when you start?" Kilmeade asked.

"You just never know," Carlson replied with some hesitation. "This is something that you always said on Fox & Friends, you always liked to be shirtless."

"Right," Kilmeade agreed.

"And sometimes you actually suggested that for me," Carlson pointed out.

Watch the video below from Fox News Radio's Kilmeade & Friends, broadcast Sept. 19, 2013.

(h/t: Media Matters)