Jon Stewart tracks differences between Pope Francis and 'incredibly fallible' religious Republicans
Jon Stewart warns Pope Francis against the GOP [YouTube]

Daily Show host Jon Stewart sounded off on Thursday on the apparent differences between God's two primary messengers: Pope Francis and His "incredibly fallible emissaries on Earth," the Republican party.

"You know your ideology is rigid and outdated when the head of the organization that just got around [in 1992] to apologizing to Galileo shows more doctrinal flexibility than you," Stewart said of the GOP.

Traditionally, Stewart argued, the two "holy conduits" shared the same beliefs. But Pope Francis' penchant for kindness thus far in his tenure signaled a sea change.

Specifically, Stewart highlighted the contrast between the Pope's criticism toward the Catholic Church's preoccupation with topics like abortion and same-sex marriage and the GOP's repeated harping on those issues based on their interpretation of church doctrine.

Stewart also singled out Rep. Steve Southerland (R-FL) for invoking the Book of Genesis while voting for a House bill cutting the "food stamp" program by billions.

"Work is not a penalty," Southerland argued at the time. "Work is a blessing."

"You know, that's so true," Stewart said in response. "It reminds me of the Sermon on the Mountain: 'Consider the lilies -- they toil not, so f*ck them, lazy lillies, with their stamens and their pistils.'"

But just as Stewart was pointing out that internal disagreements aren't always a bad thing, a clip of Pope Francis' improvised remarks rebuking the worship "of this god called money" set him straight.

"Oh no, now sh*t is on," Stewart warned. "You better watch it, or we're gonna end up invading the Vatican."

Watch Stewart compare the divine messengers, posted on YouTube on Thursday by "CoffeeAndNews41," below.